Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Code of the Passive-Aggressive Ninja

  • I am a Passive-Aggressive Ninja, and you are not worth the effort.
  • The path of the Passive-Aggressive Ninja is always ninety degrees from the destination.
  • A Passive-Aggressive Ninja never strikes in anger, for anger is a reaction, and reaction is an acknowledgement of my enemy's right to exist.
  • The strength of the Passive-Aggressive Ninja is in the weakness of my opponent. If my enemy strikes a mighty blow, I will not try to counter the blow; instead, I will ask: "Are you going to wear that?"
  • Revenge is best promised, hinted at, glimpsed briefly, and ultimately delayed indefinitely, so my enemy can anticipate it forever.
  • A Passive-Aggressive Ninja's nun-chucks are forged from sarcasm, rumor, and innuendo.
  • A Passive-Aggressive Ninja never brings a knife to a gunfight; a Passive-Aggressive Ninja always manages to just miss the gunfight due to traffic.
  • It's a Passive-Aggressive Ninja thing. You wouldn't understand.
  • A Passive-Aggressive Ninja did not just hit you. It was only a joke.
  • Or not.
  • Whatever.

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John C. Ralston said...

Yeah, this is real funny.