Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Top 10 Reasons You Haven’t Been Commenting On My Blog

  • Top ten lists are teh lame
  • What blog?
  • Not enough nudity
  • Not registered, don't want to comment anonymously, and don't care about anything here, anyway
  • Never forgave me for that thing I did/said that one time back in the day
  • Don't want to encourage me
  • Your comments are trapped in Nigeria
  • Too busy spreading Democracy
  • In your day, you had to walk ten miles in the snow for a comment – and you liked it!
  • Never learned to type with one hand


Robin Zebrowski said...

4 of these are my excuses.

John C. Ralston said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John C. Ralston said...

My excuse is that I am selfish, and I have a short attention span. Also, my butt hurts.

Also, I made a little typo in my last comment, and I was embarrassed by it and deleted it.

Robin Zebrowski said...

Actually, 11 of them are my excuses, once you count "not enough nudity" 8 times.

There really isn't.

wendell said...

I submitted this to digg.

It's a Top 10 List. It was mandatory.

So what's your excuse for not voting for my latest MeFi Project?

IRFH said...

"Attention whore bloggers are "teh lame"." Ha! Excellent. Too true.

I would have voted for your Project, sir, but... I sprained my wrist Ghost ridin' my laptop.

OmieWise said...

I didn't even know it was here!

Atom Eyes said...

This post really should have been titled "A Passive Aggressive Ninja's Bald-faced Attempt To Shame People Into Commenting On His Blog".

I can't believe you suckers actually fell for it!

IRFH said...

Yeah - in retrospect, this one came off sounding whiny and manipulative in a way I never intended. Then I tried to make a joke out of responding to your snark, and decided that that would probably be misinterpreted, too, so I deleted it.