Monday, December 18, 2006

Powerless Without You

So I'm back in the modern age. I just spent the last four days without electricity after the worst storm to hit the Pacific Northwest in years took out the whole area. As near as the experts can tell, the Seahawks sucked so hard on Thursday night football, that a raging wind storm formed in the vortex.


Robin Zebrowski said...

Wow, you folks got hit badly! We had 70mph winds one night, but other than the wind and hail freaking out my cats, we were entirely spared. Glad you're back in the world - I didn't realize anyone was powerless for so long!

IRFH said...

Oh, yeah - there are still over 150 thousand households out of power six days later, with no estimate on getting everybody plugged back in, and another couple of storms on the way. Several people were killed in the storm by falling trees, one woman drowned in her own basement, and at least eight more have died in the aftermath from carbon monoxide poisoning.